Stephen & Partners Wealth Management offer our clients a professional advice service.

As such we are paid a professional fee by our clients to reflect the value of our advice.

We are selling an ongoing relationship where we will advise you and look after you for the period of our advice relationship.

Typically in the first 12 months there is additional work that needs to be done to get you finally well organised. As a result the first year’s annual fee will often be higher than subsequent years.

The initial meeting is at our cost and therefore no fees are payable. The purpose of the meeting is to determine whether we can add value to your situation for both parties to determine if there is a basis to work together.

At the end of the first meeting we will be in a position to quote a fee to prepare a scope of work detailing what work needs to be undertaken in the first year.

This fee will depend on the complexity of the engagement.

The fee will be quoted to you in our Letter of Engagement which is issued at our first meeting.

At the 2nd meeting we will discuss the scope of work that needs to be done and the associated costs.

Once we have agreed on the priorities we will begin work to get you financially well organised on-track to achieve the financial outcomes that are important to you.

Thereafter, we will review your fees annually on your renewal date.

This fee will be based on the work that we need to do for the upcoming year to help you achieve the financial outcomes that are important to you.

What value will I get in return?

  • We will work with ‘best of breed’ experts to ensure your affairs are properly organised. Key relationship with advice firm which is across all of your financial affairs.
  • We will give you confidence about your future. You are working with an advisory firm which is focused on your agenda.
  • We will save you time. You can focus your time and energies on what is important to you knowing we are looking after your financial affairs.
  • We will give you appropriate direction and leadership on your journey to achieving your financial goals
  • We will hold you accountable to your goals
  • You will have a trusted relationship with an advisory firm
  • We will take a “can do” approach when trying to solve your complex financial problems


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